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Whilst PROFESSIONAL ACCESS AGENCY endeavour’s to fully safeguard the anonymity of candidates and the confidentiality of clients, and to assess candidates’ suitability for specified vacancies, it does not warrant that any candidate will be fit for a specific vacancy and makes no representations as to the competency, ability, efficiency, suitability or otherwise of any candidate. Clients are therefore required to personally interview, and to approve of, any candidate prior to such candidate commencing employment. Credit and / or criminal record checks will only be done upon the request of the client. Reference checking will be conducted by PROFESSIONAL ACCESS AGENCY.

It is, however, the sole responsibility of the client to satisfy itself as to references obtained. Any decision as to whether or not to engage any candidate shall lie solely with, and be the sole responsibility of, the client. PROFFESSIONAL ACCESS AGENCY offers a replacement guarantee in the event that an employee placed by PROFESSIONAL ACCESS AGENCY leaves own accord or is released due to incompetence within three (3) months or ninety (90) days of employment.

This Guarantee is subject to PROFESSIONAL ACCESS AGENCY having received payment in respect of the permanent placement within seven (7) days employee’s last working day (within the 3 month guarantee period). PROFESSIONAL ACCESS AGENCY charges a permanent placement fee, which is due and payable upon the candidate accepting and / or commencing permanent employment. R 150 000 and below 12.5% R 151 000 and above 15% The remuneration package is defined as a basic salary, allowances, bonuses and/or benefits that represent cash in alternative forms and includes a car allowances or monthly value of company car, where applicable.

Some mandates require a more extensive advertising campaign. Our recruitment fee is charged if any candidate presented by PROFESSIONAL ACCESS AGENCY is hired for any position by the client, or its representative, any of its divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates, parent company, or any party introduced by the above within 12 months of presentation. Our fees are payable within 7 days of presentation of invoice.

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